Singapore recorded an increase in ransomware attacks during 2019

A report by the Singapore Cyber Security Agency, or CSA, shows that the number of cases of ransomware attacks increased in 2019, compared to the figures recorded during 2018.

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According to a study called, „Cyber Landscape 2019“, published by the Singapore government, the entity received 35 reports of ransomware attacks in 2019. This represents an increase in comparison to the 21 cases that were reported during 2018.

Most of the attacks targeted industries in the travel, tourism, manufacturing and logistics sector.

Phishing attacks also increased during 2019

The numbers in phishing attacks also experienced a dramatic increase. The agency discovered 47,500 links related to attacks in 2019, compared to 16,100 related links in 2018.

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The Immigration and Control Authority, or ICA, the Ministry of Manpower, or MOM, and the Singapore Police Force, or SPF, were the most commonly counterfeited government organizations.

Cybercrime accounts for 26% of total crime in Singapore
The Singapore Police Force, or SPF, reported that cybercrime continued to increase, with a total of 9,430 cases reported in 2019, compared to 6,215 cases in 2018. This represented more than a quarter of the total crimes in Singapore in 2019.

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A study by cybersecurity provider Cyfirma warned of a massive phishing Bitcoin System campaign launched by North Korean hacker group Lazarus. This attack has allegedly targeted several countries, including Singapore.

Data released by Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky also indicated that Singapore had seen a significant increase in the prevalence of cryptojacking attempts during the first quarter of 2020.