September 2023

CoinDesk Deal in Final Stages: $125M Transaction to Close Soon

• $125M CoinDesk Deal Might Be In Final Stages
• Apple Developing Its Own AI Chatbot As An Internal Tool
• Vitalik Says Worldcoin’s Iris Scanning Is Sufficient For Privacy Preservation

CoinDesk Deal in Final Stages

A $125 million deal between CoinDesk and an undisclosed party may be in its final stages. This comes after Caroline Ellison’s private writing from the months leading up to the Alameda, FTX collapse were uncovered during a legal discovery process.

Apple Developing AI Chatbot

Apple is developing its own internal tool in the form of an AI chatbot. This could potentially expand their current offerings and give them an edge over competitors like Microsoft.

Societe Generale Subsidiary Receives Crypto Services License

Societe Generale’s subsidiary has received France’s first crypto services license. This move signals that the country is embracing blockchain technology and digital assets, as well as broadening the scope of cryptocurrency adoption across Europe.

Terraform Labs Appoints Chris Amani As CEO

Terraform Labs has appointed Chris Amani as their new CEO to replace Do Kwon. This decision was made in order to further strengthen their commitment to building a decentralized financial infrastructure for generations to come.

Vitalik Examines Worldcoin’s Privacy Implications

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin recently examined Worldcoin and its approach to biometric proof of personhood, which uses a specialized ‘Orb’ hardware that scans individuals‘ irises for biometric proof. He stated that storing iris hashes seemed sufficient for privacy purposes, indicating acceptance of this method as a viable solution for secure identification requirements.