September 2023

Bitcoin Miners Embrace Greener Energy in Texas with New Bill

• Texas has passed House Bill 591, allowing for Bitcoin miners to take advantage of cheaper and greener energy sources.
• The bill provides tax exemptions for flare gas emissions in order to reduce the cost of energy used by mobile data centers.
• This move is expected to result in a 63% carbon impact reduction, creating jobs, economic activity, and tax revenue while mitigating emissions.

Texas Embraces Greener Bitcoin Mining

Texas has taken an important step towards embracing green energy with the passage of House Bill 591. This bill allows for Bitcoin miners to use flare gas emissions from wells as a source of cheaper and greener energy. The bill also provides tax exemptions for this process which will help to reduce the costs associated with using this form of energy.

Environmental Benefits

The environmental benefits of this move are significant as it is expected that it will lead to a 63% reduction in carbon impact by recycling waste flare emissions which would otherwise be vented or burned into the atmosphere. Additionally, this move could create jobs, economic activity, and tax revenue while simultaneously mitigating emissions.

Tax Exemptions

In order to facilitate these changes, House Bill 591 ratifies certain tax exemptions related to the flare recycling process which should help to lower the costs associated with utilizing this source of energy. These changes are especially helpful given the increasing popularity of Bitcoin mining in Texas – making it easier for miners to access affordable energy sources while reducing their carbon footprint at the same time.

Supportive Framework

The passage of House Bill 591 creates an important supportive framework for Bitcoin miners who are looking for ways to access cheaper and greener forms of energy without sacrificing efficiency or profitability. While there may still be some logistical challenges related to accessing these new sources of energy, this bill is helping pave the way forward towards more sustainable mining practices in Texas.


Overall, Texas’ passage of House Bill 591 represents an important step towards embracing greener forms of energy in the state’s burgeoning Bitcoin mining industry. Not only does it provide much-needed tax incentives but it also sets up a supportive framework for miners who want access cleaner sources without sacrificing efficiency or profitability.