September 2023

Bitcoin Makes Play for $30K, Liquidating $145M!


  • Bitcoin makes a play for $30k, leading to $145M in liquidations.
  • 37,332 traders were liquidated with the most significant being a $2.2 million BTC-USD short position on ByBit.
  • Fears of another U.S. banking crisis are fueling the new Bitcoin rally.

Snapchat Integrates AI Chatbot

Snapchat has integrated an AI chatbot that users must pay to turn off. The popular social media platform is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to recommend content to its users, with 40% of Instagram content now being AI-recommended.

Circle Introduces Cross-Chain USDC Protocol

Circle has introduced a cross-chain USDC protocol in order to enable faster and more secure payments across different blockchains. This new protocol will enable the transfer of funds between different blockchains without requiring intermediaries or other third parties.

Bitcoin Drops To 27K Range Again

The price of Bitcoin dropped back down to the $27K range again, resulting in approximately $200 million worth of liquidations. This was followed by BTC making a play for $30K, leading to even more liquidations totaling up to around $145 million worth of losses for those who had held onto their positions too long.

CertiK Offers Merlin DEX Rogue Developers Bounty

CertiK is offering rogue developers on the Merlin DEX platform a 20% white hat bounty if they can identify and report any suspicious activity or malicious actors on the platform. This move by CertiK should help bolster security measures as well as encourage transparency within the crypto space going forward.