September 2023

Binance and Law Enforcement Unite to Fight Crypto Scams

• Binance is launching an anti-scam collaboration with law enforcement agencies to combat crypto fraud.
• The exchange conducted a pilot phase of the program in Hong Kong with local police and has seen meaningful impact as a result.
• Binance plans to roll out the program globally and is also working on providing training and resources for law enforcement to prevent crypto crime.

Binance Launches Anti-Scam Campaign

Binance has announced the launch of an anti-scam campaign in collaboration with law enforcement agencies around the world, in order to combat financial scams within the cryptocurrency space. The exchange carried out an initial pilot phase of the program in Hong Kong in cooperation with the local police force.

How It Works

The campaign utilizes existing law enforcement resources to send out warning messages to users before they withdraw funds or conduct transactions, alerting them about potential risks and offering resources for identifying and reporting scammers. After just one month since its launch, this program has already made a meaningful impact, as 20% of users either reconsidered transactions after seeing the message or chose to review further before conducting them.

Future Plans

Binance will continue rolling out its anti-scam campaign globally, establishing partnerships with local police forces and government agencies for access to necessary resources. Additionally, it will provide support and training needed for preventing crypto crimes and scams, as well as cooperate with law enforcement when necessary. This initiative joins other crime prevention programs already deployed by Binance such as a portal which allows law enforcement authorities to submit case requests.

Raising Awareness

Cryptocurrency is especially vulnerable to scams due to social engineering techniques used by criminals which can trick people into disclosing personal information that can lead them to lose their assets. Raising awareness around these methods and how people can avoid being victims of such schemes is paramount for prevention purposes. That’s why Binance has been contributing seminars and conferences related to cybercrime organized by Hong Kong Police Force recently among other activities that are part of this mission statement.


To conclude, Binance is taking a proactive approach against fraudsters by launching this joint venture between itself and multiple international Law Enforcement bodies across various jurisdictions worldwide through its Anti-Scam Campaign which seeks not only bringing perpetrators accountable but also educating consumers on how they can protect themselves against malicious actors trying take advantage of their lack of knowledge or experience within the Crypto domain