Police interrogate Bithumb CEO on fraud case

Initial media reports about a raid on Bithumb seem to be coming true.

In the alleged case of fraud involving executives at the large crypto exchange Bithumb, the CEO of the trading platform has now been asked for questioning

Like the Yonhap news agency on September 18 reported , the police wants the South Korean capital Seoul Lee Jung-hoon, the chief executive officer of Bithumb Korea and Bithumb Holdings, consult in the case.

Lee is accused of multiple frauds in connection with the failed listing of the cryptocurrency BXA. As a result, the defrauded investors should have suffered damage of up to 25 million US dollars. In addition, Lee is said to have embezzled funds from users of his platform and invested in projects abroad.

Another member of the Bitcoin Era board of directors, Kim Byung-gun, is believed to be involved in the BXA fraud along with Lee. However, the police have not yet opened an investigation into Kim.

Today’s news follows recent media reports that Seoul police have confiscated some of Lee’s shares in Bithumb Holdings.

The CEO had previously tried to take over the crypto exchange in full

As Cointelegraph reported , the police have already carried out two searches of Bithumb’s offices in September on suspicion of fraud.

Cointelegraph has asked Bithumb to comment on the case, but has not yet received any feedback.

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